4 proven ways to deal with an annoying co-worker to be peaceful

deal with an annoying co-worker

Have you ever been bothered by someone at work? Ever been frustrated by the behaviour of a colleague of yours who constantly has a negative impact on your reputation at the office? Have you also realised that this situation actually has a negative impact on your personal life? Would you like to change that and produce a positive result for your career and life? If so, read through to know 4 proven ways to deal with an annoying co-worker to be peaceful as a software developer.

We spend a lot of time at work. Either if you work in Europe, America, Africa or Asia chances are you will spend at least seven hours per day at the office. This is a lot of time with so many people around interacting with each other. Basically we all have our personal lives and they may be unfavorable at times. Many people may bring their personal life at work. You have to deal with it.

The problem could be that your colleague is annoying anyway, no matter what happens in their life. The thing is that you are not responsible for their life but you have to deal with the situation even though. You have to show character to know how to deal with an annoying co-worker.

There are different levels of trouble that an annoying co-worker could cause. 

  • Being aggressive in meetings
  • Bother you in person 
  • Ignoring you when you address them

Depending on the level you may need to take more decisive action. The first thing you should do would be to understand why your colleague does that. Is it only towards you or towards several people? Do you also need to understand what is it exactly that bothers them towards you? Is it your behaviour? Your skills? It could be the way you speak. 

Approach your co-worker

It may be a bit hard and it may need to swallow your ego to do that. However, it could be an easy way out or at least a first step. You can try to have a discussion with your colleague before involving or talking with anyone else. The best way to do that is to try to catch them when they are not so busy and ask if they have some minutes to talk about something. You should try to be kind and put the effort to understand what bothers them.

Often when we hear what they have to say, it can hurt our ego but that’s all right. We should stay open to criticism if it makes sense. In another scenario what they have to say could be something small and probably easy to change. In that case, it may be worth taking this into account at least when interacting with that person. 

Stay calm to deal with an annoying coworker

Whatever bothersome action your colleague takes, stay calm, don’t rush things. If you do something in the heat of the moment it may turn bad easily. You don’t want to start shouting or humiliate each other in front of everyone else. Whatever you do should be given careful thought of what is advantageous to you and keep your cool. Sometimes it may be a good idea to try some meditation techniques in the morning, before going to work. It helps you stay calm.


Keep in mind that the most important thing is communication. Most misunderstandings, frustration occur when people avoid or are afraid of communicating their thoughts. One of the golden rules is to never make assumptions. We should not assume that our colleague behaves a certain way or took a specific decision because of the reason we have on our mind. No-one really knows why our colleague did that before we ask him/her.

We cannot know what is in other people’s minds because people do not think and react in the same way. People are different and think differently. If we suppose something about the behaviour of our colleague and this something frustrates us, we should find a way to talk and clear out the situation.

Talk with a superior

If nothing of the above has worked, the time for something more drastic may have come. If you cannot find a way of alleviating the tense relationship with a colleague despite the effort, you may need to consider asking a superior manager for help. Often, people in high managerial positions have the experience needed to better handle conflicts plus they have the authority to do so.


To conclude, we have to admit, some times it is hard and we try to avoid it. However, we have to be able to face the situation, follow the tips mentioned above to understand how to deal with an annoying co-worker as a software developer.

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